Comment 5Continents perturbe l’industrie du voyage

If you work in the travel industry, then this article is for you! Why? Because we are sure that at one point or another in this lovely industry, you were faced with not so lovely moments. More specifically, frustrating moments when booking or building trips for your clients became complicated, lengthy, expensive and resulted in the clients cancelling their request. We understand, as we have been there.

But why write an article about this status quo no one can change? That is because there is light at the end of the tunnel. In this article, we will show you how 5Continents and founder David Boigne are trailblazing how business is done in order to make it a lot more efficient and pleasant to work in, while reducing potential client loss.

Picture this: you are tasked to build a dream getaway for one of your clients in Canada or the U.S. The objective is to create a tour, an event or an experience in a country, halfway across the globe. Your usual process would begin by contacting your local or overseas supplier.

5Continents facilitates group travel with a unique approach to the travel industry
5Continents facilitates group travel with a unique approach to the travel industry

Once you have provided all this information to your supplier, the waiting game begins. Let’s factor in time delays due to normal quoting processes, slow turn arounds because of a high volume of requests, and time zone changes which means full days could go by before your request is even looked at. With all this adding up, you are faced with quite the frustrating delay in getting pricing to your group. This goes without considering that you may get modifications or last-minute special requests that will need to be factored into your proposal. You might also get an offer which might not be in sync with your clients’ specific needs or simply built for the North American culture (meal times, interests) because of a lack of understanding of its specifics.

The current system in place is dated and complex and needs to evolve. This means that your teams working at the leisure, special interest, corporate or VIP travel groups level inherit unnecessary work. You will also be subjected to time delays and the extra costs this incurs in salaries and expenses, which you will need to recuperate at some point. Who ends up paying for all of this? Your clients!

5Continents, under the vision of David Boigne, is disrupting the inbound tour industry. 5Continents offers an honest, reliable and cost-effective solution for local agencies (inbounds)

5Continents hosts within its offices multiple inbound agencies from Europe, Asia and South Pacific and unites them with the same attention to quality, detail and client service, while providing first-hand knowledge that is usually reserved for local companies. The added advantage, however, is that this is all provided through a financially solid Canadian-based company that not only understands how business is run in Canada but offers consumers protection and will have your money safely placed in a trust account until all suppliers involved in your client’s trip have been paid in full. 5Continents is there to serve the entire travel community by bringing overseas inbound operators to North America.

This is the evolution of group travel! An easily accessible service for agencies coast to coast with a dedicated team and the tools to provide your travel group with a concierge-style service your clients will appreciate and come back for

Sounds like a dream come true? We cannot wait to speak to you! Reach out to David or anyone of our team members at 5Continents. Help us disrupt the travel industry! All it takes is one call.

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